severe symptoms shingles

Can Shingles Be Fatal?

Most of us have heard about the medical condition, shingles, that causes great pain and suffering for many people later in life. The virus is linked to the contraction of chickenpox earlier in life following the varicella-zoster virus lying dormant in your body for several years before becoming active once more. The risk of the virus being fatal is low, but there is a small risk if the case of the varicella-zoster virus is severe and left untreated for a prolonged period.

The Symptoms of the Virus

There are a few common symptoms that should be looked for if you believe you have been affected by the virus. When you begin to look for a shingles cream you will be looking to treat a number of symptoms, including a strip of painful blisters that could develop along a single side of your torso. The first sign of the virus is usually the arrival of a painful area on one side of your body that could cause problems with pain and itching.

The issue you will often see when you are affected by this virus is the rash that will begin as a small strip that can spread across one side of your torso without any treatment being administered. In the early days of the virus, you will find your body will feel painful with the affected areas usually sensitive to the touch. A few days after the infection begins to spread, you will find yourself affected by fluid-filled blisters that split open and later heal over while remaining painful for a few days.

There are a few other symptoms of the condition that can be seen and cause problems for you when you are trying to handle this painful virus. Although you can use the best cream for shingles to treat the blisters, you may find you are at risk of other signs of illness, including fever, headaches, and fatigue.

Is it Contagious?

One of the most important things to remember at shingles is that it cannot be caught by a person who has the virus and is undergoing treatment. The chickenpox virus is contagious and is often passed around areas where children are in close proximity, such as schools, daycare facilities, and sports clubs.

More Severe Symptoms

severe symptoms shingles

One of the questions those who are being affected by the virus is when should you seek a medical professional’s help. The virus’s symptoms can be excruciating and make it hard to live your everyday life in comfort. A medical professional’s help should always be sought, even when using the best cream for shingles to treat the common symptoms.

When the virus is affecting the body, you may find other medical conditions are being mimicked by the virus, including those involving the heart and kidneys. Whenever you feel the virus is affecting your body negatively, you should look for medical help to ensure you are not affected by pneumonia, heart disease, or the brain inflammation that can be fatal to a person who is being affected.

The Possibility of Blindness

ocular shingles blindnessOne of the biggest fears of anybody affected by the virus is the possibility of blindness linked to the medical condition. If the virus spreads across parts of the face and heads, it is crucial to seek a medical professional’s assistance because of the dangerous nature of these types of infection. The virus can cause blindness in those who see the disease spread to their eyes and the upper head when brain inflammation can also be a problem to be concerned with. For the majority of healthy people who are affected by shingles, there is little chance of the virus becoming fatal. However, finding an effective treatment for the virus, including a powerful shingles cream should be a priority to avoid any more dangerous complications affecting your health.

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