spinal cord nerve shingles

Can Shingles Cause Dizziness?

Rashes can cause a variety of health issues if not treated properly. While many people assume that certain viruses that cause a rash can only occur in those of advanced age, anyone can be susceptible to the varicella-zoster virus. Reasons for people to use shingles creams can stem from symptoms such as rash, blisters, and even dizziness.

What Is The Shingles Virus?

spinal cord nerve shingles

Shingles is a viral infection that is caused by something known as the varicella-zoster virus. This is the same type of virus that can cause chickenpox. Even those who have had chickenpox, however, can still contract the shingles later on. Because the virus is inactive but contained in the nerve tissue near the spinal cord, it can reoccur in an advanced and more painful rash. This type of virus is generally thought of as an excruciating form of blisters. These type of blisters generally look like a thick band across the torso. This particular rash location can make life very difficult, as it can be painful to move without good shingles cream.

What Are The Symptoms?

There are many symptoms of varicella-zoster virus that can range in severity. Some of these symptoms include:

  • itching
  • pain
  • extreme sensitivity
  • fluid-filled blisters
  • fatigue
  • fever
  • dizziness

eye damage shingles

Some of these symptoms can be debilitating without treatment. Pain is usually the most obvious of the signs, but it is also one of the first symptoms to experience. A painful rash is the first signal that it may be time to see a doctor. While it may seem impossible to experience a more painful or severe form of chickenpox when an individual has already had the virus, it can happen again.

It is especially important to consult a medical professional if this rash is located near the left or right eye. This type of infection can lead to eye damage if left untreated. Men and women over the age of 60 should also consult a physician.


Dizziness is another sign of this infection. This type of symptom can seem especially disorienting as it can complicate balance and motor skills. It can also indicate a variety of other medical issues that may need prompt treatment.

Dizziness that comes with this type of infection can make an individual feel faint or dizzy. They may experience weakness in the muscles or have an unsteady gait. Vision may also feel faulty as it is possible to feel like outside surroundings are spinning. Vertigo is a commonly reported side effect of this type of dizziness.

If dizziness is experienced while also presenting signs of a rash, it may not be safe to operate a motor vehicle. Until successfully treated for symptoms of the virus, staying put is often advised. This is especially true if a headache accompanies dizziness.

Treatment Options

There are multiple treatments available for this type of virus. To know which one works best, visiting a doctor is advised. While some medications may require a prescription, not all treatment options require a physician.

shingles home treatment

In addition to medication in pill or liquid form, the cream is also available for particularly tricky rashes. Topical ointments can provide relief for several types of skin rashes and irritation. Creams like Eumaid can reduce inflammation while also treating pain. Many ointments can be found in convenience stores or online.

A rash ointment is a topical medication that is placed directly on the skin. For this type of virus, applying the cream to the actual blisters can have a cooling effect that soothes irritation. After applying the cream to the affected area, the irritation and blisters can decrease. Once the ointment has penetrated the skin, it can eliminate bacteria that may make certain infections worse. arti nama

Many people prefer ointments to other types of medication because of their natural ingredients. Because these types of cream can stimulate blood flow to promote healthy skin, many find this method a quick way to find relief from blisters and painful rashes. Although side effects like dizziness or fever can feel scary at the time of the virus, symptoms will naturally disappear once it has cleared up.

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